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Wilson Electronics Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna - White w/ FME Connector

SKU: AEAW-301131

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  • Color: White

Wilson Electronics Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna - White w/  FME Connector

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  • Wilson Electronics Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna - White w/  FME Connector
  • Wilson Electronics Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna - White w/  FME Connector
  • Wilson Electronics Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna - White w/  FME Connector
  • Wilson Electronics Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna - White w/  FME Connector
  • Wilson Electronics Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna - White w/  FME Connector
  • Wilson Electronics Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna - White w/  FME Connector
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Features & Highlights

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The Wilson Mini Magnet Outperforms the Competition. Engineered and Made in the USA. Get Free Shipping in USA. Up to 90% of a cellphone's power on transmit and receive is absorbed within a vehicle and the users head. We solve this problem by channeling all the power from the cellphone to the outside antenna. This results in our mini magnet mount antenna transmitting and receiving up to 10 times the signal of a cellphone used inside a car / truck without an outside antenna.

The Wilson Mini Magnet Cellular Antenna is carefully designed to minimize loss and maximize gain on both the 800 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. Wilson's innovative design results in high efficiency with low losses and will get the most signal to and from your cellular phone. Thanks to our top notch engineering team and attention to detail Wilson has the best performing mini magnet mount cellular antenna available.

Usage: The Wilson Mini Magnet Mount Cellular Antenna works great on metal surfaces that are free from obstacles which could cause signal interference. Its main benefits over our other dual band antennas are its ease of installation, the ability to quickly move it from place to place and its compact size. This is especially useful for those who travel or have multiple vehicles needing an antenna. Be aware however that its compact size does limit performance when compared to our full size magnet mount cellular antenna. Check this out: [ VERY USEFUL SIGNAL CALCULATOR ] & [ FAQ A.G. AMPLIFIER'S GUIDE FOR NEWBIES ] Wilson Mini-Magnet Antenna features Color: White Requirements (sold separately) Cell phone adapters Amplifers / repeaters Coaxial Cables Installation: Diagram A (Home / Office / Vehicle)

Electrical Properties:

Part #: 301131
Frequency Range: 806-894MHz / 1850-1990MHz
Impedance: 50 Ohms / Both Bands
Antenna Gain: 2.12 dBi 806-894MHz / 3.12 dBi 1850-1990MHz
System Gain:10 dB
Radiation: Omni
Polarization: Vertical
Wavelength: 1/4 @ 806-894MHz / 9/16 @ 1850-1990MHz
Ground Plane: Metal Ground Plane is Required

Mechanical Properties:

Connecter: FME-Female
Coax Cable: RG174 / 10'
Height: 4.175"
Mount: Rare Earth Magnet Antenna Installation Attach the Magnet Mount Antenna to any metal area on top of the roof of the vehicle. The best location is clear of obstacles and as high on the vehicle as possible. Although small, the rare earth magnet is quite strong and won't fall off at high speeds. Make sure the area under the magnet is clean so as not to damage the vehicles paint and to ensure a strong connection. Bring the cable into the vehicle through a door frame - the cable is protected by the doors rubber molding. Do not run the cable through a window because when the window is rolled up and the door is opened the antenna's cable will be pulled - this is likely to destroy your antenna and/or scratch your paint. Connect the magnet mount antenna's cable to the adapter cable. In order to attach you cellular antenna to your cellphone you will need an Adapter. The Adapter connects the phone to the antenna cable and transfers power to and from the antenna. Wilson Electronics Mini Magnet-Mount Antenna - White

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