Neo Gel [Medical Grade] Silicone Big Toe Separators [2 Pieces]

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  • Neo Smart Gel: Neo Smart Gel Product is an excellent product to people requiring protection from post surgery inflammation, or pressure applied on the protruded.
  • Soft Cushioning: Neo Smart Gel provides soft cushioning in every step. It is comfortably designed to stay in place as it absorbs shock and protects the soles in every step as the center of gravity changes.
  • Air Circulating Holes: The air circulating holes found in Neo Smart Gel products provide lasting freshness over extended period of use. The soft and tender feel of the product along with its superior resiliency makes it a good protector and shock absorber.
  • Hypoallergenic, Odorless and Nontoxic: Neo Smart Gel product is made of soft, natural and eco-friendly elements that do not harm and discolor the skin. It is good for people with atopic dermatitis, sensitive skin and other skin troubles. It offers comfort and relaxation qualities.
  • Made in a FDA approved facility, registered with the FDA USA as a Class 1 Medical Device.
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The Neo Gel Silicone Toe Spreader is ergonomically designed to fit the anatomy of the wearers foot. The toe spreader helps in the realignment of the toes, particularly useful when bunions cause the big toe to deviate inwards. Separating the toes can also help offer relief from aliments caused by ill fitting footwear. This device helps realign toes in the case of separate close/overlapping toes, helping to reduce pressure and friction. Easing pressure between toes can also help with inter digital corns and hard skin and calluses.

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