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Q: What's inside the package?
Please refer to our Cell Phone Signal Booster General Package Content Guide

Q: I need help installing the Cell Phone Signal Booster, where do I get help?
You can print our Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Guide, or call us @ 1-866-433-5793

dB Gain

Applicable Place


20 dB

Car, boat, RV & more

2 feet**

40 - 45 dB

Car, personal work space, RV,boat & more

40 - 45 feet**

50 dB

Office, Home & more

55 - 60 feet**

60 dB

Home, office, building & more

75+ feet**

*(minimum requirement of separation)
**(some amplifiers already come with a cable and some do not)

Q: What is the minimum level of signal for a cell phone to be able to make a call?
A: It would depend on your cell phone, but the typical value is -95 dBm.

Q: What the co-relationship between bars & dbm value?
A: Bars is the 'everyday language' which cell phone users use to determine how strong the signal is. dBm is the 'scientific term' used when describing signal strength. All though -90 dBm typically is one bar or less. –70 dbm is 3 or 4 bars.

Q: How do I find the dBm of my phone?
A: Every cell phone has different methods, and some don't even have that capability. Blackberry phones usually have it under the settings option. In general, you basically have to put your phone into test mode. Click on the link for some instructions on how to get certain phones into cell phone test modes. Please check your cell phone manual provided by the manufacturer regarding finding your dBm level

Q: Is the amplifier really worth the cost?
A: Yes, an amplifer is very much worth the price because it does boost your cell phone reception by 30% - 100%.

Q: How much does an amplifer help in a system?
A: Amplifers help rapidly and instantly. You can have just 1 bar of reception, but with the help of an Amplifier, the signals can be boosted up to 3-4 bars of improvement.

Q: Do all amplifiers work with all carriers?
A: All Amplifiers have its own connection so it is best to check compatibility on the amplifier. But most amplifers work with all carriers except for Nextel.

Q: Is wireless or wired better?
A: A wired amplifier would be better due to the noises in the air which affects signal much more than it does from noises/heat/interferance from a wire.

Q: Where is the best location for installation?
A: The best location for installing an amplifier is an open area with as litter interference from walls. This way, your connection will not be distracted.

Q: In order to use cell phone signal amplifier, what’s the minimum requirement of level of signal on top of my roof?
A: Find a spot on your rooftop to where you can make cell phone call, or in general, 3 bars is enough to make phone calls..

Q: Do I have to have any bars on top of my roof before I can use any repeater?
No, even if your cell phone has no bars, you can still got a good enough signal level, like -90 dbm, which is good enough to make a call and use our repeaters.

Q: Do I need a technician to install this?
That is entirely up to you. While a $300 - $500 professional installation give you that peace of mind, it is not essential. Our Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Guide should be sufficient to guide you through a very simple installation process.

Q: How do I know if it's going to work?
As long as there's signal outside that can be amplified and the system is properly installed, all our packages will work. We have a 20 day grace period for you to return the package to us. If the package proven to be defective, we will fully refund your money, otherwise we charge a 20% restocking fee.

Q: What is the best package to purchase?
A: The best package is situational. We have packages that works best for a boat, a car, a 2 storey house, etc, so it all depends on the location that you want the Cell Phone Signal Booster package to be installed.

Q: I have reception 100ft away from the house, will it work?
A: As long as you have cables long enough to install the outdoor antenna 100ft away, they it should work. Again, proper installation is the key for Cell Phone Signal Booster Packages to work.

Q: Why do I have inconsistent reception?
A: Cell phone signals are like radio signals. Weather, building materials, obstructions, and many other things play a part in having a consistent reception.

Q: Do you have a package for 2 or 3 storey house?
A: Yes we do! Please call us @ 1-866-433-5793 and we will gladly set up the best package for your situation

Q: How do I run a 50+ feet cable in my house?
A: This is also situational. If we don't know the interiors of your home, we can't really show you how it should be done. Here's a popular example on how our other customers did their home.

Q: If I use CM100 instead of the magnetic antenna that comes with the CM2000-WL 45 dB package, how many more dB would I get?
A: You would get 6 dB, because CM100 is 9 dB dual band, while the little magnetic antenna only have 3 dB gain, the difference is 6 dB.

Q: My dome antenna is only 3 dB, while my panel antenna is 7 to 10 dB, should I always go for panel antenna?
A: Remember, all antennas are passive. In order to obtain gains on one direction, the other direction would be much sacrificed, so the higher the gain goes, it is not always a better thing. Dome antennas gives you much broader coverage because of the overall direction in the room, while a panel would give you much higher gain ONLY in the direction the front side is facing to.

Q: What if I don’t have enough space for required separation? Is there a required length of cable that should be used?
A: The other option would be to go vertical because vertical separation is much more effective than horizontal one, by installing outdoor antenna up high, you will be able to get away with less separation than required. However, there is no required length of cable for an Amplifier to be active and most times a standard cable comes with the purchase unless you are purchasing the amplifier by itself. Each model has its own different length of cable. The chart above the is recommended cable length separation depending on the dB strength of the amplifier.

Q: Are those separation requirement listed in the table very strict?
A: No, they are all rules of thumbs, people can get away with much less separations. Material of building, vertical separation, different way of installation, all could make a difference.

Q: After I install the 45 dB repeater, I can only see bar improvement within several feet, what do I do?
A: First, put cell phone in test mode, you will be able to see accurate improvement on receiving signal strength, bar only give you very rough idea, not accurate at all. Second, the coverage area you can get depends on how strong of the signal to begin with, if more coverage area is needed, you can always upgrade to CM800/CM1900 55 dB, 60 dB, or even 65 dB building repeaters, which will guarantee to work in your case.

DB Value (difference between two signals)


0 dB

1 times: two signal are same strength

3 dB

2 times or double

5 dB

3 times or triple.

8 dB

6 times (double then triple: 3dB+5dB)

10 dB

10 times.

20 dB

100 times

30 dB

1000 times.

40 dB

10,000 times

50 dB

100,000 times.

60 dB

1,000,000 times.

65 dB

3,000,000 times.

Basically, the system transfer multiplication operation into addition/subtraction, make life much easier.
From the table, some of the interesting and useful facts are:

  1. Every 3 dB difference means double once.
  2. Every 5 dB difference means triple once.
  3. Cellphone-Mate CM800 65 dB counts for 3 units of Wilson 60 dB since it has 5 dB more gain, it’s just physics

For more information regarding In-Building and Vehicle Amplifiers, please download and print our
Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Guide or Cell Phone Signal Booster General Package Content Guide