Clip-On Strainer [Green] Leaf Shaped Drainer for Pasta Rice Beans Grapes and More! - Fits Most Pots & Bowls!

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available in :LEAF GREEN$7.99POURING SPOUT$8.88 Clip on & Drain in Seconds: If you are looking for highly efficient ways to strain boiling water from the pot safely, then we got you covered. This is the ultimate cooking addition for your kitchen arsenal! No more difficult to use colanders that take up all the space in the kitchen drawers. Try this compact pot strainer and see the difference for yourself! Make cooking, boiling and straining lightning fast!Secure Clip On Pot Strainer: This pot strainer is designed in such a way so as to satisfy even the most demanding needs! It has 2 clip on snaps that will snugly fit on any pot or pan. Attach the strainer on any pot and just tilt it a little bit to drain away excess liquid into the sink. Simple as that! No more worries about boiling hot water and grease ruining your meals from this day on. No more struggling with runaway pasta all over the sink!Stylish and Durable: This pot strainer is small and compact and will save you some space from bulky colanders. The cute leaf shape will surely compliment any kitchen and the clip-on and drain function will facilitate the liquid draining to the fullest! Perfect for pasta, rice and potatoes, broccoli and all vegetables, fruit, eggs, grease, chicken stock, excess sauces, and meat juices as well!Easy to Clean: Made from lightweight premium plastic, so it's easy to clean. Simply rinse with warm water and soap to re-use.Practical: Small, compact strainer that is easy to use and store in a quarter the size of the traditional Strainer. Great when working with limited counter space. Measures: 5.91 in x 3.94 in x 3.15 in.
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This strainer is a no-brainer for smart cooking! Would you like to take the mental, emotional and physical drain out of straining by freeing up a hand? Because we all know that having one free makes all the difference in the kitchen. No need to suffer burns from the steam while gingerly trying to hold a lid on the saucepan to drain, or wash numerous pots and colanders after transferring from saucepan to colander to pot. Now you can hold your pan safely without the risk of burns with our compact handy-dandy strainer, and get rid of all the unnecessary clutter of large colanders, strainers and sink strainers.

- Color:GREEN
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