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Data/HDMI Cables

Hey guys camera geek here from accessory geeks.com showing you today the data cable page here on our site now to find the data cable perfect for your phone what she you can first do is you can use these drop-down menus to find the correct cable you would first select the carrier such as T-Mobile or Verizon or any other carrier on here like Sprint or AT&T it's like the manufacturer of the phone and any with like the model of the file you can find the model of the phone by turning off your phone taking off the battery pack.

Then it should be listed somewhere on the loan I like it that are here find your phone model number on the label it should be listed on you can also choose via the manufacturer so it's a you have a blackberry any need to date data cables the BlackBerry data cable and HTC data cable LG data cable Samsung dated data cable I am or maybe you can you'd like to choose through the carrier so you can look at AT&T phone data cables T-Mobile phone data cables Verizon phone data cables and Sprint phone data cables as well as these other carriers if you go down on the paid farther the see that we have some universal Chargers available right on hand most of them look like funny little robots other also some Apple data cables for the iPhone and the iPod possibly even the iPad some of these might not be compatible with all three of those devices but they should be able to be compatible with the iPhone the on iPod or iPad there definitely compatible one of them all right and him you know you just use the data cable because it's easy to transfer files over from your computer to your phone this way it's a lot easier than fiddling around with on Eicher SD card or something like that are I guys if you have anymore questions regarding the data cables page here on our website or give a question about any the items that we sell here@accessorygeeks.com please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1866 geeks 93 or you can contact us via live chat Facebook or e-mail our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific standard time and as always there is free shipping to US and Canada this is been camera geek guys remember you got it from a geek.