Eutuxia Ironing Blanket Mat & Silicone Pad Combo. Alternative to Iron Board. Quilted Breathable Washer and Dryer Safe Heat Resistant Pad with Magnetic Corners. Use on Any Flat Metallic Surface.

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available in :IRON REST PAD$6.99MAT IRON$9.99PAD + MAT$12.99 Magnets on each corner of the ironing mat instantly transforms any metallic surface into an ironing board. You can also use it on top of any flat surface without any problems. Each corner of the mat contains a high quality magnet that attaches itself to any flat metallic surface so that it can be secured while you iron away. Flexible and portable. Iron mat can be rolled up or folded three times for space-saving and easy storage. It will fit in any cabinet or even on top of your washer or dryer without taking up too much space. Take it on your vacations or business trips! It’s a perfect traveling companion. This is a combo that comes with silicone pad so that you can place your iron down while flipping your clothes or when you're done ironing. Iron mat is made out of high quality polyester and cotton. Its quilted high heat resistant pad offers a wider and better workspace than a regular ironing board. It can withstand the temperatures of most irons. You never have to take out your heavy ironing board for simple touch ups again. Magnets on each corner help for a secure hold while you iron on top of metal surfaces. Please only hand wash and air dry. Easily handle any sized ironing job wherever you want. Do a quick touch up to get rid of those wrinkles after a wash. We recommend using this on metallic surface for a secure hold while you iron. Please try to avoid ironing on wood or plastic surfaces. This ironing mat is small and valuable to those who live in studio apartment, dorms, RVs, or other small living places. It may serve a better purpose to those who live in smaller sized places due to its small size, but anyone can use it. Iron mat is 23 x 20.5 inches and about 0.25 inches thick. It can be folded three times for easier carry and storage. When it’s folded, it is 10.5 x 8 inches and about 1.25 inches thick. It’s definitely small enough to fit in your suitcase or even storing it in your cabin.
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Eutuxia's Ironing Mat transforms the top of laundry appliances into an instant compact ironing board. Place the wide magnetic, heat resistant, quilted pad over a washer, dryer or any metal surface and press clothes immediately. Fold, roll or hang when done. Great for homes, apartments, dorms and RVs where space is valuable. .

The compact size of 23" x 20.5" allows for the quick pressing of the collars and sleeves of garments right after the dry cycle. The quilted cover is 100% cotton, which can withstand the 400F temperatures of most irons. Inserted at the corners are 4 magnets to keep the pad taut and flat when ironing. When you're finished, you can leave the mat attached to the appliance.

With this combo you also get a silicone resting pad! This nifty silicone mat keeps your iron away from scratches while preventing burns and scorches on their surfaces, as well as your household surfaces! You can lay your iron down while ironing, or rest it on this silicone mat while it cools down. You can place iron down and it doesn't scorch at all and it doesn't move out of place. There are bumps on it to allow for good air flow to cool the iron down faster.

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