Heavy Duty Extendable Locking Anti-shake Self Portrait Monopod Selfie Stick W/ Adjustable Holder - Compatible With 1/4 Inch Screw Attachment [Discontinued]

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  • Durable & Adjustable selfie stick is built strong, so your phone will be safe and secured when you are taking a selfie
  • Takes the perfect selfie anywhere! Take it on trips, vacations, birthday events, college parties, family gatherings, holiday celebrations, graduations, work events, and just about anywhere your heart desires!
  • Attachment Phone Holder Head is Included. Stick is compatible with any 1/4 screw size attachments.
  • Extension (Minumum and Maximum): 16.75" - 48.5"
  • Fits cell phones/devices that have widths of 2" - 3.35"
  • Can also support small to medium-sized DSLR cameras *See below for more info*
  • Color: Black
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Heavy Duty Handheld Extendable Locking Anti-Shake Self Portrait Monopod Selfie Stick with Adjustable Holder

If you enjoy taking selfies of yourself or with friends and family and want stability while taking photos, this is the perfect selfie stick for you! It is very easy-to-use: you attach your camera/phone to the end of it, press the self-timer button, extend it, and you're ready to take awesome selfies! There's no simpler way for you to take a personal selfie or group selfie. It is ideal for travelers, vacations, holidays, families, social media, sporting events, and vloggers for making videos. With this Monopod Self Portrait Stick, no one gets left out of the picture. Whether you use it for group shots, videos, or traveling solo, this selfie stick allows you to be in the picture and capture the full background because the stick extends high in the air. If you are worried about your phone or camera dropping, don't be! The attachment head where you place your cell phone or camera has a rubberized texture, providing great grip to keep your phone in place. This selfie stick is made from high quality aluminum alloy, and it also has three locks. This means you can extend the stick and lock the position in place. With the locking mechanism, you never have to worry about the stick retracting or falling down.

* Geeks Tested *

This Heavy Duty Selfie Stick is strong enough to support small to medium sized DSLR cameras
When using with DSLR cameras, we don't recommend extending to the third and thinnest extendable part of the Selfie Stick
as it can get very heavy and become very hard to control
For the best experience with DSLR cameras, extend only the first and second thickest extension and support the Selfie Stick with two hands

Selfie Stick Adventure

"When Selfie Sticks was first brought to light, I thought to myself, 'What a useless item. Why would I need it? I don't even take Selfies.' Now, my friends and I all own a Selfie Stick. It is more than just a tool used for taking pictures of yourself that you typically see on social media. As a traveler who enjoys lone trips, I find the Selfie Stick great for taking scenery pictures that includes myself in the photo. I also find it very useful for taking very nice overhead pictures and videos in crowded areas, especially if you are a short person. Regardless whether you will use it often or not, the Selfie Stick is small enough to just keep around in your backpack or car until the right opportunity arises."
- J.T., Gamer_Geek

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