[Hueplus] HPM-200 Shiatsu Premium Back Wired Massager / Neck Shoulder Massager - Deep Kneading Massage Pillow w/ Heated 3D Tension Technology - FDA Registered

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  • REAL MASSAGE EFFECT: This self massager feels like you're being massaged with hands, unlike the ones where it just massages you without any results. This massager will make you comfortable and relaxed. It will not hurt and will feel natural. It uses 8 improved massage nodes with superior deep massage capabilities to target all the hard to reach muscles. The intensity of the massage can easily be adjusted with how much pressure you apply on the massager handles.
  • THREE ONE-TOUCH BUTTONS: The buttons are easily controllable and within your easily reachable range. 1) Heater ON/OFF button. 2)Power ON/OFF button. Default timer is set for 15 minutes. 3)Rotation Direction button or Speed Control button. You can press this button to change the rotation direction of the massage balls (CORDLESS VERSION) or change the rotation speed of the massage balls (CORDED VERSION).
  • MULTI-POSITION: Use it not only on your neck and shoulders, but also on most parts of your body such as arms, legs, waist, and sole. It will provide comfortable and relaxable massage for all your family members.
  • HEATED 3D TENSION TECHNOLOGY: The heat function can be turned on with a press of a button. It will relax you with warmth that loosens muscles and enhances the therapeutic value of the massage. The heat function is not too hot for anybody, but is warm enough to relax your muscles. We decided not to make a self massager with high heat because products with high heat tend to break earlier than normal. The power consumption of this product is around 10%./li>
  • LOW NOISE: Due to its quietness, it can be used anywhere you desire. Home, office, school, and even in your car! It comes with a car adapter.

" Please note that we cannot ship to Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico if it is more than15.99 oz."

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Have you ever wished you could just receive a refreshing massage every day of the week, especially after a long day If so, you must give the Hueplus Shiatsu Massager a try. It features a very unique characteristic, which can be put in one expression: "Softly Strong." Say no more to hurtful massages! Hueplus's massagers are not rigid like conventional machine massagers. It utilizes a special patented technology called "tension technology" so that the massage can feel as human-like as possible. Soft yet strong, it reaches the deepest areas that need soothing and really relaxes and soothens the most tightened and cramped muscles..

The Hueplus Massager comfortably rests on your shoulders and perfectly wraps itself around your neck. Utilizing patented technology (Patent No. 9,456,950) the Hueplus Massager creates sophisticated movement and tension, imitating the very human finger joints of a massage therapist to give the best massage experience - now you can have a personalized massage therapist at your home at your convenience!.

Unlike conventional massagers that are fixed in position and intensity, the Hueplus Massager allows the user to adjust not only the preferred positions, but also the desired pressure. Depending on where you want to feel relaxed, you can simply adjust the massager's position up (neck area) or down (shoulder area). If you want a stronger massage, then gently tug the armrests. We know that some prefer a strong and firm massage, while others desire a softer touch - let the Hueplus Massager take care of that for you!

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