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G2X Accessories Buyer's Guide Hey guys, this is the guide geek with accessorygeeks.com here with a T-mobile G2X accessories buyer's guide. We have some of the best G2X accessories here at Accessory Geeks so with this huge selection of G2X accessories it might be a little overwhelming so we're here to provide a buyer's guide for you that will help you pick the right G2X accessories. The G2X is a pretty groundbreaking phone. When it was released just a few months ago it was the first dual core Smartphone. This was a pretty big deal for a lot of people because before we had fast processors all around 1 Gigahertz but all of them were single core. And with dual core it presents a lot more efficiency, you can multitask a lot better, and it should also improve battery life because the two cores with the correct power management won't be running simultaneously. So a lot of cool things with the G2X, also including 1080p video capture which is pretty impressive for a Smartphone because it's just not too common, slowly it will be, but most Smartphones can only capture about 720p HD video so to see this phone be able to do things that camcorders can do is pretty impressive. So with all of these really impressive stats, the best thing to do to enhance your Smartphone usage is to get some G2X accessories so let's go through this. The first section of accessories that we have for the T-mobile G2X is chargers. And this is a really, really important G2X accessories category because if you're like most people you're going to be using your phone constantly. So in those times that you can't use your phone -- when you're either at work, at school, just sitting around the house - you want to keep your phone charged if you know you're going to be going out and using your phone a lot. So we have wall chargers, we have travel chargers, and we have car chargers. So we have all the different types of chargers that let you charge your phone pretty much wherever you are and retain that full amount of battery juice. The next type of accessories for G2X is G2X cases. We have hard plastic cases and we also have silicon skin cases for the G2X. And this is probably the most popular item category for the G2X mainly because everyone loves having a nice pristine shiny phone and no one wants to see their phone get scratched or beat up or get a cracked screen or anything horrible like that. So the best way to avoid that is to get a case for your phone. Cases, they serve as excellent protection, plastic and silicon cases both have their unique qualities that they afford the user. But in addition to protection, these G2X accessories allow you to change the look of your phone. So if you don't like just plain black and somewhat dark brown color of the G2X you can get a whole slew of different colored cases to make your phone have whatever color you want. We have just normal colors like white, red, green, blue, and we have special artistic designs, we have bling cases so a lot of variety there. The next type of T-mobile G2X accessories that are also very popular are batteries. And these G2X accessories are just are crucial if not more crucial than the chargers because if you are, like I said, if you are out and about and using your phone a lot the last thing you want to have to worry about is your phone running out of battery. Of course you can use a charger to charge a backup but when you're just moving around or in a spot where you can't have access to a charger having an extra battery is crucial. I think it's probably one of the best G2X accessories purchases you can make because every one else complains about battery life on their phone but by buying an extra battery you're essentially doubling your battery life. And it's really portable - it's easy to slip into a purse or your pocket so it's definitely a good idea if you are a power user. In addition to that we also have headsets and data cables and microSD cards. These are all G2X accessories that are pretty useful. Headsets and headphones are useful for those people who like listening to music or watching movies. It's definitely a good thing to have. Data cables - it's always good to have an extra data cable to transfer music or videos or even documents over to your computer or to your friend's computer. And with expandable memory it's pretty important to have a memory card because it's an easy way to transport and store again music, movies, data. We also have this other G2X accessories category - the G2X screen protectors and these again are a great way to protect your phone. In this case you're not protecting the body of your phone, you're protecting the screen. It's pretty important given that you're going to be touching the screen and you're going to be looking at the screen every time you use your phone so you want to keep it in as perfect condition as possible and these screen protectors allow you to do that and we have a good variety of those as well - screen protectors that let you either look at yourself with mirror screen protectors and we also have anti-glare screen protectors which are really popular and those really help to cut down on overhead glare. And finally, the last type of G2X accessories that are pretty popular and that we recommend are holders and car mounts. So these T-mobile G2X accessories are perfect for those people who want to use their phone or want their phone in sight without holding it. So if you purchase a stand you can put your G2X on the stand and you can use it without having to hold it and you can use it as an alarm clock, as a video player, as mp3 player all while having it stand up nicely on your desk. The other type of G2X accessories are the car mounts and these are perfect for those who, just like the desk users, want to listen to music and what not in their car or use their phone as a GPS. So it's a really great buy for anyone who wants a little more functionality of their phone. So I think that's about it for this T-mobile G2X accessories buyer's guide. Remember that accessorygeeks.com offers all G2X accessories with free shipping in the US and Canada. I think we definitely have some of the best prices on the web for our G2X accessories. So shop around - I'm sure you'll find something you'll like. This is Julian from accessorygeeks.com reminding you that you got it from a geek! Accessories for G2X
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Pick up T-Mobile G2x cell phone accessories today to make using your phone tomorrow a little better! All of the accessories for T-Mobile G2x are ready to ship and will simplify your life. The Geeks love simple things. We are committed to providing our customers with products that will better their lives and keep it simple. AccessoryGeeks carries top quality T-Mobile G2x accessories like a MICROSD memory card with a maximum of 32GB that will store your important data and media. Because the phone is 4.88" x 2.48" x 0.43" (124 x 63 x 10.9 mm), it is easy to drop it. Among our extensive line of T-Mobile G2x accessories, we carry cases that will shield your phone from damage during those drops.
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