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Put on your dancing shoes, March Madness is here!  Did your favorite college team not get invited to the big dance?  If watching the NIT doesn’t cut it for you, be part of our Smartphone Madness Tournament and vote your favorite smartphone to victory!

During each round, enjoy awesome deals on accessories for phones in the tournament. The phones with the most votes during each round will advance to the next round, where there will be a new round of deals. The phone that wins the tournament will enjoy 30% off all cases on April 11, 2013! Come back to this page to track how your phone is doing, and to vote on the next rounds!

  • Round 1: March 21-March 27 2013
  • Round 2: March 28- April 3 2013
  • Championship round: April 4- April 8, 2013
  • Champion selected: April 11, 2013

Voting for each round opens at 12:00AM PST on the start date and closes on the final date specified at 11:59 PM PST. Phones that do not advance are not eligible for accessory discounts during the following round. Promotions will be valid only during the timeframe specified. The phone that receives the most votes during the Championship round will be crowned the champion. For example if the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the winning phone of the Championship Round, then on April 11, there will be a promo code that offers 30% off all Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cases!  If there is a tie in any round, the winner will be determined by coin flip.

IPHONE5CHAMP 30% off all Apple iPhone 5 cases
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