N-Rit Tube 9 Extreme 3 Multifuctional Face Mask Headwear [Gray/Black] Lightweight, Durable W/ Dual Ventilation Breathing System and Ear Muff [Discontinued]

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  • Multifunctional Face Mask Headwear Durable Lightweight w/ Dual Ventilation Breathing System and Ear Muff? Can be used as a Face Mask, Ski Mask, Dust Mask? Great for Snowboarding, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Dirt Biking, Biking, Construction Work - For Winter and Summer Use!? Heat, Cold, Sun, Snow, Wind, Dust, and UV Protection!? Active PP Fiber is Ultra Absorbent and Eliminates Odor? Machine Washable [Gray/Black]
  • Multi-purpose headwear: Can be used for both winter and summer outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, motorcycling, trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, backpacking, construction work, home repairs, dusty environments, and more!
  • Multifunctional: Can be worn as a face mask, face guard, mouth shield, scarf, neck guard/gator, head band, hair band, and more! Can be worn under all helmets.
  • Supreme Protection: Ultimate protection against the heat and cold. Snow-proof, wind-proof, sun-proof, and dust-proof. Earmuff offers extra ear protection from cold, heat, dust, and wind.
  • Seam-free Active PP Fiber: Premium Active Polypropylene (PP) fabric absorbs sweat and odor away from the skin, keeping you dry and fresh. Seam-free makes it super comfortable for you to wear all day without leaving you pressure marks from traditional seam lines.
  • Color: Gray/Black

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Multi-purpose and Multi-functional Performance
Face Mask / Guard / Headwear

Ultimate Sun, Snow, Wind, Dust, and UV Protection! Machine Washable

high quality multifunctional headwear that offers you extreme protection from both winter and summer outdoor activities? This Performance Multifunctional Headwear is the perfect item for you!

Why use the N-Rit Tube 9 Extreme?

Active Polypropylene (PP)

Active polypropylene fibers filter, trap, and eliminate bad odors and sweat. Insulated and quick drying to keep you fresh and warm in extreme sporting conditions. The fiber also offers anti-fogging ventilation, keeping your masks and goggles fog-free while making a run down the hills.

Dual Ventilation

This multi-functional face mask is two sided. The front side offers small air vents for light sporting while the back side features larger and wider air vents for better ventilation in the case of more extreme and intense movements.




Nylon 52%
Polypropylene 38%
Spandex 10%

One size fits all so you won't need to worry about finding the right fit

Prevents your face from damage by snow, sun, wind, dust, and UV

Where can I use the N-RIT Tube 9 Exteme?

You can take this multi-functional face mask to whichever outdoor activity you enjoy
No matter the weather condition, either hot, cold, or windy, the N-Rit Tube 9 Extreme face wear
is guaranteed to protect your face from harsh conditions
Some sports that the face cover is ideal for includes:

Mountain Climbing
Dirt Bike Riding
Construction Work
Home Repairs
Dusty Environments
Winter Sports
Summer Sports
*Any outdoor activities where you need ultimate protection from the cold or heat!

- Victoria P., 3D Geek, Graphics
- J.T., Gamer_Geek, Editor
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