Pokemon Go Silicone Assist Case [Black] - Fits Most Phones

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  • Pokemon Go Silicone Assist Case
  • Perfect for families, kids, and friends
  • Unlike other designs this is a universal design that will work for any smart phone that plays Pokemon Go
  • While chasing Pokemon on foot, or on bike, this aim add-on will enable you to throw straight Pokeballs to earn you extra XP. Use the small distance indicators to judge how hard you need to throw for different Pokemon
  • Made of stretchy yet durable silicone
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Are you a part of the Pokemon Go craze Don't you wish there was an easier way to catch em all Now you can with this snazzy silicone case. Swear you're throwing straight but the app keeps curving that ball This is the Pokeball Aimer. Perfect to get that straight shot!

- Color:BLACK
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