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Paldo Fun & Yum Teumsae Stir-Fried

Paldo Fun & Yum Teumsae Stir-Fried

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  • A TASTE OF KOREA: Soup less noodle Korean Ethnic taste. We have captures the delicious taste of various Korean dishes so that they can be prepared in minutes but accessible anywhere in the world. This particular dish is the best oriental style and original Korean Ramyun, chicken Bokkeummyun.
  • EXTRA SPICY BASE: Teumsae ramyun (틈새라면) has spicy based sauce with our unique spices and flavored sauce. We bring you the most unique and spicy taste, and once you have tried our noodles, you will never forget its spiciness noodle soup you can ever enjoy!
  • HOW TO COOK: Put the noodle and soup base into the boiling water (500 cc) and leave it for 3 minutes until the noodles become tender. To enjoy chewy noodles, don't stir the noodles and lift them with chopsticks from the boiling water. If the wave gets loose, the chewy texture will be disappeared. Now it's ready to eat!
  • RECIPES: The magic recipe that anyone can easily cook. When the soup starts boiling, put an egg on the noodles. Do not stir the egg until it gets cooked. Put bean sprouts and rice cake into the soup. You will be definitely happy with Teumsae Noodles. Our specialty is a well-spiced soup that will have you sipping and savoring the spiciness of the meal down to the very last drop!
  • PALDO FUN & YUM: At Paldo Fun & Yum, it is our priority to produce products that are safe and delicious to eat and we stand behind all of our high-quality products. Your feedback is very important as we are always looking for ways to improve our services and products. We always hope you are highly satisfied with our high quality and unique flavored food. Directly from the manufacturer - Official Paldo Fun & Yum

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