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Eutuxia Korean Stone Bowl Dolsot Trivet Coaster. [Small, Black Plastic]

Eutuxia Korean Stone Bowl Dolsot Trivet Coaster. [Small, Black Plastic]

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About this item

  • KOREAN STONE BOWL: A Dolsot (돌솥) is a Korean cookware made of stone which is perfect for making dishes hot and sizzling. If you have been Tofu house or Korean food restaurants, you may have seen a notable stone bowl. As Dolsot does not get cool easily after taking it out of the stove, you can enjoy your warm dish until you have the last bite.
  • ANTI-SLIP ON THE STOVE: Are you worried about slipping on the stovetop? Unlike others, Eutuxia Dolsot bowl has a cross at the bottom of the bowl which holds the bowl not to move while you cook. Don't worry about breaking the bowl due to slippery bottom, just have peace of mind while cooking.
  • PERFECT FOR HOT & WARM FOOD: Dolsot retains heat very well, so you can put food then cook slowly after giving heat to Dolsot. Do you want to re-heat your food? Do not need to move food to pots or frying pans. Just move your Dolsot stone bowl on to the stove, in the oven, or microwave. If you want to try making scorched rice or rice crust (nurungji 누룽지), put rice in the innermost of stone pot after coating the pot with sesame oil then let it cook.
  • PRODUCT SIZE: The product dimension is 5 x 3 inches and the weight 1.8 lbs. Dishwasher, microwave, oven, stovetop safe. Do not turn on the gas stove too high when you start cooking. Adjust the heat to low. The sudden temperature change may cause break down the dol-sot.
  • 100% MADE IN KOREA: At Eutuxia, it is our priority to design products that are safe and comfortable to use and we stand behind all of our high quality products. Your feedback is very important as we are always looking for ways to improve our services and products. We always hope you are highly satisfied with our products.

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